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REMUS products and motorcycle silencers in general


What is the REMUS ASC and how does it work?


The Automatic Sound Control (ASC) developed by REMUS is a CAN bus-controlled damper system with a damper located in the rear silencer. The ECU processes the CAN bus signals and transmits them via the actuator to the exhaust flap. Depending on all engine parameters and driving conditions, this results in an exact control of the damper to optimize the sound, taking into account all legal guidelines.

In addition, it is possible to actively intervene in the sound management via a button mounted on the handlebars. However, the complex electronics ensure in any case that the noise levels according to the EC approval are maintained depending on the speed, speed and selected gear.


Are there any spare parts for my silencer?

We supply all spare parts that you can assemble yourself without special tools or product-specific knowledge. These include, for example, sound inserts, mounting materials and brackets, clamps or connection pipes.


I got offered a silencer. Can I put this in and will it fit?

Do not rely on statements that a silencer fits all vehicles listed in the information on the EG BE. This is not technically possible. A silencer must fulfil 2 factors in order to be mountable and approved on a certain vehicle. The first is that your vehicle is listed in the EG BE information. The second necessary circumstance is that exactly this silencer with the corresponding part number is also intended for your vehicle based on the manufacturer's list of uses (e. g. catalogue). If these two conditions are not met, or if the part number of the silencer is unknown, you should avoid making a purchase.


Do I have to change the engine control / mapping after installing a REMUS silencer?

No, you don't have to. REMUS silencers are developed on standard vehicles and for standard vehicles. No EC type-approval can be obtained otherwise. Changes to the engine control system also invalidate the vehicle approval.


Where does my REMUS silencer actually come from?

REMUS silencers are manufactured in the EU in Austria. All REMUS products are therefore made in Austria. PHOENIX Motorrad-Tuning is located in Aachen in the border triangle close to Belgium and the Netherlands.

Do I need a catalyst?

A simple question with many answers. It depends on various circumstances such as the exhaust emission class of your vehicle. Basically, you can say that if the original exhaust gas purification is preserved, your REMUS silencer does not require a catalytic converter. If your vehicle has a EURO 2 exhaust-gas classification or lower, then no new catalytic converter is required even if the original one is omitted due to the installation of your REMUS silencer and if the homologation of the silencer took place before May 18,2006. At AUK, the values of an identical vehicle without catalyst are then used as a basis, or the limit of 4.5 percent by volume CO2. As of Euro 3 it is quite clear. The same values must always be achieved as with the standard exhaust system. By the way, a silencer with EG BE will only be approved if it is equipped with a necessary exhaust gas cleaning system. 




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