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REMUS sound insert (DB Killer, DB Eater) for REMUS motorbike and scooter silencers.


The sound insert, often also called DB killer or DB eater, is a component that is required for homologation with many silencers.  The above pictures are examples, each type of sound insert looks different.


In order to be able to supply you with the correct sound insert, we require the following information from you with your order:

  • Your vehicle
  • The complete type and E number attached to your silencer

This information is mandatory, otherwise we will not be able to identify the required component.

You can enter this information during the order process

in the field "Remarks on order and delivery" during the final check

of your order.

Note: We cannot arrange delivery without the information described above.

  • Sound insert for your REMUS silencer
  • Width x height depending on silencer
  • Length from 50 to 250 mm, depending on motorbike
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Mounting material included (circlip or screw)



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